10 Ways to Local – Steve Copeland

This is not to toot my own horn, but only to share what I’ve done this year to make the decision to shop local first and support my community in my personal and business interactions. This was by no means a sacrifice, but a pleasure; one that anyone in Gresham can enjoy as well, if they choose.

My “10 Ways To Local”

1. Changed my business focus to one where I now strive to get local business owners and non-profits maximum visibility in the community, save them money and help them get more profitable.
2. Became a Gresham Chamber of Commerce member.
3. Became a member of a Gresham ITakeTheLead professionals networking group.
4. Joined the TryLocalFirst meetings.
5. Changed my dentist from one on 72nd & Division to Sue Monnes, Gresham Chamber member.
6. Changed my health products from Whole Foods near 40th & Sandy to Lillian’s in Gresham.
7. Changed my auto, home and life insurance from a Farmer’s agent in Milwaukie to Lori Stegmann and John Sage, Gresham Chamber members.
8. Though my change was from one local to another local…it was from a non-Chamber member to a Chamber member: Brian at Cartridge World on Eastman Pkwy.
9. Changed my church attendance and offerings from a Mall 205 area church to Easthill.
10. And, I refer others to local businesses rather than out-of-Gresham businesses or online ones.

I do so love our Gresham. Makes you feel good to be a part of such a great community. We have so much here. I encourage others to really think about where they are spending their money, and consider if it is helping their community or one elsewhere. Let’s all do what we can to spend here, not there. And, think of your own “10 Ways To Local”. You’ll be glad you did, and so will others you affect by your decision.

No guilt-trip intended, but even though it’s convenient at times…when you are out of Gresham and around other areas of the Portland-Vancouver metro area…to buy gas, groceries, coffee, cards and other things…buy local because it’s the right thing to do to support our local economy. Our decisions and habits do make a difference!

To a more prosperous year and years to come,
Steve Copeland
Copeland Business Services
Gresham, OR

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